The Kindness Challenge

Just like preparation for a big game, practicing authentic kindness is a mixture of knowledge and skills as well as heart and guts. During the Middle School Kindness Challenge, students, teachers, and staff will experience the joy and satisfaction that comes from teaching, fostering, and celebrating kindness.

The Challenge activities and pathways are available thanks to a unique collaboration of premiere national programs — Harvard’s Making Caring Common Initiative, Facing History and Ourselves, InspirED, Greater Good Science Center, and the Yale Center for Emotional Intelligence.   All Challenge activities were carefully selected based on evidence of effectiveness and being readily doable.

Schools that successfully complete the Challenge receive a credit, a special badge on GreatSchools!, and discounted school climate improvement services from leading national nonprofit education support providers… All working towards what every educator, parent, and student wants: a fun, engaging, high-achieving school where kindness is commonplace and meanness is rare.

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