The opportunity is clear

Kind schools are more effective at helping students succeed, both in school and in life.

Schools where educators and school staff intentionally and systematically teach, grow, and celebrate kindness, students feel a greater sense of safety, support, and acceptance.

Kindness Must be Taught

Kindness is about more than being nice to someone else. It’s a learned skill and a habit that needs practice.

The Middle School Kindness Challenge provides access to research-based curriculum and resources, free of charge, to those who want to incorporate kindness into the school day and make kindness a practical, commonplace skill.

The Challenge is engaging, but also low-stakes (there’s no punishment if you don’t complete it). It adds value to what schools are already doing. It’s flexible and customizable.

Every School Can Teach Kindness

As with academic subjects, there’s no mystery to teaching, fostering, and celebrating kindness.

For the Middle School Kindness Challenge, leading education organizations, distinguished teachers, and acclaimed researchers are providing the most effective research-based tools and resources to help you improve your school climate and reduce unnecessary suspensions.

Participating teachers and schools can also earn Donors Choose credits, special recognition on and access to discounted services from the leading national education support organizations.

Take the first step: Accept the Challenge

Whether you’re just starting the journey to intentionally create a kind school where all students feel safe and supported, or you are well down the road, the Middle School Kindness Challenge can help. We have an opportunity to ensure every child goes to a school that is welcoming, patient, and accepting.

The only question that remains is: Will you accept the Middle School Kindness Challenge?